Giving to the SL community

I want to start things off right on this very first post of my very first blog.  At least that’s my intention.  It’s quite possible things will not go ‘right’ rather quickly, but until then I will make the attempt and hope for the best.

So to do this the right way, it seems proper to post about things and events that contribute positively to the SL community.  Luckily, this is very easily handled by the Caledon Library which has been improving everyone’s SL and — dare I say —  RL experience by promoting reading, book discussions, and a general love of literature for years.  I was approached by the remarkable JJ Drinkwater to take photos of prominent Caledon residents posing with their favorite reading material and create a campaign akin to that of the American Library Association.  You might remember that as the poster series of well-known RL people posing with books and a big “READ” splashed all over the poster.  My first Caledon victim model was Alastair Whybrow posing with a book he created together with a friend.  How fun is that?  The Governor of Caledon will be next.

Alastair Whybrow for the Caledon Library
Alastair Whybrow for the Caledon Library

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