Three Amigas

When strong, intelligent, caring women get together there is no stopping them from turning things into spun gold.  Such is the case with Aisha and XiuLan … and little me is just tagging along in the back.  See me trying to hold them back?  It’s just not possible.  They keep walking!  Best thing to do is run along beside them and hope to lithely jump on the train with them.   But they are not just movers and shakers.  Nearly anyone can do that with enough determination and doggedness — move and shake.  These ladies care.  They are drama-free.  They see everyone in a positive light.  May we all be blessed with connections to people who want to make a positive difference without hurting others along the way.    And let’s none of us try to hold them back!

Caledon Library — READS!

Oh I am just so happy with this poster series!  The subjects are as professional as the best SL models out there and, perhaps due to their role playing experience or brilliant minds, are charming, witty, and brainy on top of it all.  There are four more gentlefolk waiting for their pictures to be taken and I just can’t wait to meet them. 🙂

Desmond Shang

Caledon LIbrary Poster


Dimmie & Solace

On a Giving Roll

The Universe is setting me on this path and I can only oblige.  Each time I give, I am rewarded.  Not just monetarily, but with friendships and random tidbits that make me smile.  And sometimes more business.  All of which is nice.  I won’t deny the Universe spreading the Love as it wishes fit.  So today a friend was generous with me and I was generous in turn.  Together in our generosity we ended up donating and Wren Noir Photo Studio became a sponsor to Metaverse Pageantry.  And what a great joy that has already brought.  I spoke with the wonderful Heth Vertaus (hethwen) and couldn’t be more pleased to support his efforts.  Please look here for more information and then support, support, support: .  The Universe will reward you, I promise!

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