Happy Accidents!

Happy Accidents!

Sometimes we can make the best plans ever devised. Generally, I over-prepare for nearly anything, particularly in RL. And this is all well and good, except that things rarely turn out the way I anticipate they will. Not because I’m bad at understanding the world, but because the world is truly so big in scope that one little human cannot account for all possibilities. And so with this little photo you see. I was taking pictures for a friend who has just started selling clothing (Immerse) when I clicked on my avatar in error. To my chagrin, she immediately turned her back to me, dropped the umbrella and the AO that went with it, and totally messed up the photo I was aiming for. Well, you can see how this minor annoyance turned out. So, with open arms I welcome all the glitches and sons of glitches that the Universe wants to throw at me. I am ready for happy accidents!


2 Replies to “Happy Accidents!”

    1. Thank you, XiuXiu! Our friendship was a happy accident as well, but we ran into each other so many times in different places that maybe, just maybe, this time it was fate

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