The Voyage

The Voyage

(well worth a good listen)

Nev and I met in SL 4 years and 4 days ago. It was the strangest thing, really. A friend brought me to Nev’s home and I stood there speechless. For real, I said nary a peep. He himself said but a few words and no less than 10 minutes later the friend that brought me to Nev’s house took us both somewhere else again. But for Nev and I a deep and strong feeling insisted on its proper due. It took a while before we saw each other again, and we never parted thereafter. Our RL has entwined in a beautiful Celtic knot, and we plan to take this journey together all the way to the end.

Trust your feelings, dear reader. Don’t squelch them. Whether good or bad, trust them. Take leaps and then leap again for joy because the world is a wonder and the Universe provides in ways we do not expect!


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