Pass It Forward

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Some time ago I was stunned by an amazing photo on Flickr. It took my breath away. As I often do, I decided to write to the creator of that image and tell them what an amazing job they did. I do that often. I even do it to strangers in RL if I notice something amazing about them.

The first time I ever did this I was at a RL mall. I saw a rather young woman with the most gorgeous pure white hair EVER — no tinge of yellow or any other unwelcome tint. Just pure white. I mustered up my courage, went up to her and told her so. She was absolutely delighted and squealed that she was going to tell her mother what this ‘stranger’ had said as her mother had been urging her to color it because it made her look old. It did not! She was stunning with gorgeous skin (Winter tones) and that hair! Maybe I was even a bit jealous and wished I would go prematurely white (not grey!) too.

After that, I did it more often. Always I was met with a positive response in a situation where someone really could reasonably look at me like I am totally out of my mind.

But, going back to the lovely Flickr photo …

The artist behind the image was non other than Datrip Blackheart, the creator behind the fabulous Legal Insanity line. A brilliant designer, to be sure. And his response to my compliment about his photo was so genuine and humble. It was refreshing to meet yet another really wonderful person in SL. For this reason I decided to support Legal Insanity — the designer is nice! You can find them here:

Pictured is the Damayanti robe de soir which comes in a variety of colors. Love love love it.

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