Wren Noir’s Cliffside Farm

Oh oh what a wonderful article and stunning photography skills! My gosh, Whiskey picked up on EVERYthing I think when I go ‘home’ in SL!


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Confession: I am a windlight addict. I bet many of you are, too. I can spend hours cycling through windlights; I take every photo in multiple lights. For each photo that I post here or on my Flickr feed, I’ve taken at least thirty others in different lights. And it’s not just when I’m taking photos – every time I land somewhere new, I check to see what the region looks like in their preset windlight, and then I play around to find what I like best. Then I forget why I landed there and wander around aimlessly until I either remember or find something else shiny to look at. Wren Noir’s home is a windlight lover’s dream.

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A beautiful SL world


The last couple of months have flown in such a beautiful trajectory since {wren’s nest} opened on February 23rd, 2017.

In this short time, the most amazing people have entered my SL world and have shared themselves, their expertise and their kindness so willingly.

It began with Carrie Snowpaw of Snowpaw’s who decided to ‘pay it forward’ and gave me an opportunity to set up shop inside her beautiful inworld store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/193274

Followed by the talented Jane Evolove of Evolove poses who believed in my product and gave me a chance to showcase it on on the sim and at The Avenue monthly event on the same sim.

Then Zuri Rayna of Zuri’s and Daphne Bearsfoot of FreeRiders World Track also offered their locations.

Dimples Nightingale of .BLUSH. also came into the picture with her great mesh building talent.  And Hattie Panacek of Ex Machina too!

Event organizers and customers continued this wave of support and belief in the quality of { wren’s nest } products. My gratitude is immense for all.

Above all, I am humbled by the continued lesson that it is presented in both SL and RL: Kindness is a small thing that has the greatest repercussions. This does not mean that one must offer something like an object or an opportunity or even money, but rather that a kind word, a positive suggestion, a belief in someone. These intangibles and then more have been given by my wonderful friend, Zoz Icon of {ZOZ} whose support and always a positive word is beyond measure.

This feels like a very long ‘thank you’ list. it is so lucky to find one such person, but this many is like a little dream.

Looking forward to a journey together with you all!

Please accept my grateful heart for your support at the beginning of this journey ❤