Wren Noir’s Cliffside Farm

Oh oh what a wonderful article and stunning photography skills! My gosh, Whiskey picked up on EVERYthing I think when I go ‘home’ in SL!


View full sized photos in all of their glory at the end of this post.

Confession: I am a windlight addict. I bet many of you are, too. I can spend hours cycling through windlights; I take every photo in multiple lights. For each photo that I post here or on my Flickr feed, I’ve taken at least thirty others in different lights. And it’s not just when I’m taking photos – every time I land somewhere new, I check to see what the region looks like in their preset windlight, and then I play around to find what I like best. Then I forget why I landed there and wander around aimlessly until I either remember or find something else shiny to look at. Wren Noir’s home is a windlight lover’s dream.

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