FashionArt: When Fashion Meets Art

Oh here is an event to get behind!

Designers pushing the limits of fashion as art.  Love this idea!  And it comes from the very talented designer at Legal Insanity, Datrip Blackbart.  You can check out more info here:

Want to see a bit of what you can find?

Honestly, I fell in love with this “Bluma” hair from Zibska from the first moment I saw her post on Flickr.  “I want that!” were the first words out of my mouth, so I’m super happy to have had a chance to blog about it.  It comes in all her super artsy colors and with the hair base too.  J’adore!

The “Rain” outfit from Aly’s Shop is spunky, cute, and fun!  It comes with the dress, umbrella, necklace, AND the booties.  Can’t beat that!

The FashionArt nail set from Nailed it! has a fabulous selection of famous paintings to choose from.  The Mona Lisa, The Scream, and many more that you will recognize when you see them.

This is only one small sample of what you will find at this event.  I’d head over there if I were you! 😉

Hair by Zibska Outfit and umbrella by Aly Nails by Nailed It!
Bluma Hair by Zibska
Rain Outfit, necklace, booties, and umbrella by Aly’s Shop
FashionArt Nail set by Nailed It!


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